Trending Tweets & Popular Users From Your Twitter Timelines

Never miss important tweets and tweeps on Twitter!

TweetPeaks is an advanced Twitter client that shows trending tweets, hashtags and popular tweeps (users) from your Twitter timelines, lists and searches, based on number of interactions (retweets and favorites) during the time.

  • Tweets and retweets by interactions per time.
  • Home timeline, lists and searches by trending tweets.
  • Trending mentions and hashtags.
  • Popular users by interactions per tweet.
  • Most active users and retweeters.
  • Timeline statistics: tweets per hour, percent of retweets and replies, average number of interactions per tweet and much more...
  • Autoupdate.

Includes standard Twitter features: post tweets, reply, retweet, search, favorite, follow, unfollow. (coming soon)
Available for mobile, tablet and desktop devices.